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Making the most of your doctor's appointment

Making the most of your doctor's appointment1

Your time with your doctor can be limited to just a few minutes for a routine examination and consultation. To get the most out of your appointment and help your doctor give you the best care for your diabetes, here are a few tips:

Be prepared:

  • To answer your doctor’s questions honestly and completely.
  • For a physical examination, including a foot examination, if needed.
  • To ask for further explanations or help with anything you don’t understand about your diabetes.

What to take to every appointment:

  • Your blood glucose meter
  • Your logbook (paper or electronic – mobile app)
  • Medication list (all the medicines you take, with dosages)
  • List of questions (about symptoms, side effects, tests, any changes in your health or wellness)

What to ask at your doctor’s appointment

Together with your doctor or other healthcare professional, review your blood glucose and other diabetes care records; review your test results, such as your HbA1c, and discuss any changes in your health status. This will help determine any changes required to your treatment plan. The following questions can help guide a more useful dialogue:

  • How is my blood glucose controlled?
  • Am I testing at the right times?
  • Do I need to test more?
  • Do we need to change my blood glucose targets?
  • Am I taking the right doses of my diabetes medicines?
  • Can we review the times I take my medicines?
  • Do I need to take more (or less) diabetes medicine?
  • Do I need to change my eating plan?
  • Is it safe for me to exercise? (exercise more?)
  • Have you checked for diabetes complications?
  • Is there anything else I could do to manage my diabetes better?
  • Do I need any other tests?
  • Do I need to see any other specialists?
  • When do I need to have my next check-up


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