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Compare glucose meters

OneTouch Verio Reflect® Blood Glucose Meter showing blood glucose (Low range = 3.7)

OneTouch Verio Reflect®

Blood Sugar Mentor™ messages offer personalized guidance, insight, and encouragement so you can take action to help avoid highs and lows.

OneTouch Select Plus Blood Glucose Meter indicating blood glucose within the range

OneTouch Select Plus®

Can be customised to your individual needs, even if they change over time

ColorSure technology

ColourSure™ Dynamic Range Indicator
Simple Colour Range Indicator

Automatic messages (when feature is turned on)

Blood Sugar Mentor™ feature provides insight and guidance so you can take action.

Ease of use

Compact, slim design.

Easy to read and understand, colour creens.

One-step meal tagging.

Available in four languages.
Simple to learn. Simple to use.


Bluetooth® Smart or standard micro USB
Standard micro USB


2x CR2032 lithium batteries
2x CR2032 lithium batteries

Tiny blood sample

0.4 μl
1 μl

Fast 5 second test time


Meets the latest accuracy requirements